Bond Denied for Suspect in Cobb Shooting Spree

A Cobb County judge ordered the suspect in a shooting spree at a Kennesaw truck rental company to be held without bond. An official of the company, Penske Truck Rental, and Leasing, said that four of the five shooting victims were employees, and one was a customer. He said the victims were apparently chosen at random.

Police say the suspect opened fire at the truck rental company on January 12, killing two men and critically wounding three others. The suspect faces two counts of murder and five counts of aggravated assault.

Workplace violence is not new in Georgia. The Atlanta area has dealt with workplace violence on a much larger scale. In 1999, day trader Mark Barton shot 22 people, killing nine, at two different metro locations, this while also murdering his wife and two children.

While incidents of workplace violence have subsided, the effects of the recent recession have left untold individuals feeling angry, disillusioned, or spiraling out of control. When people get laid off and it’s difficult to find a job, in many cases they can get very desperate. Similarly, and usually less spoken about, is the potential for law enforcement to become overzealous in making arrests, thus neglecting to follow proper procedures and even violating a person’s Constitutional rights.

If you have been charged with a violent crime in the State of Georgia, your freedom may be compromised by a serious conviction that results in a lengthy jail sentence and many other harsh penalties. Skilled Georgia violent crime defense attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain a successful outcome in your case.


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