Weapons Charges Filed in Road Rage Case

Atlanta placed 5th in cities with road rage in the country, and its surrounding areas must surely not fall far behind them, as the following story illustrates. A preacher was not intimidated when he faced a man who acted very aggressively and threatening. The 41-year-old priest was driving at night when a man sped past him illegally over the yellow line on the highway.

According to the Church of God minister, he honked his horn as the man passed him. The driver who went around the vehicle illegally then made a vulgar gesture toward the minister. As the man who the authorities say is from Hull approached the Jackson County line, he pulled over and pointed his rifle at the preacher. Not only did the preacher not panic, but he was able to take down the license plate number of the truck and dial 911 to report the weapons violation. Police were able to trace the license plate back to a man from Hull and upon their arrival at the home; a mother answered the door and told the police that her son was in a Dahlonega drug rehab clinic. Authorities will end up filing criminal charges against the man who pointed the rifle at the preacher.

We must always be presumed innocent. In this specific incident, the priest is accusing a man of aiming a weapon at him but the man was supposed to be in a rehab clinic. Surely there are many unanswered pieces to this story, and for the sake of the accused, he better have good answers as his word is going up against a minister’s.

Weapons charges can carry harsh punishments in Georgia and you should hire a skilled attorney to represent you in court. If you or a loved one is facing weapons charges, be sure to consider calling a knowledgeable Georgia gun crime lawyer.


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