Thomasville Man Arrested for Drug Possession After Reporting Burglary

WALB article reported that on July 5, 2010, a Thomasville man was arrested for drug possession after reporting a burglary at his own home. According to the article, the man came home to find the lights on the inside of his house on Andrews Street and subsequently called to report what he thought to be a burglary in process. The police arrived and searched his home, which appeared to be ransacked, but found no intruder. Instead, the police found a large amount of cocaine and over 4,000 dollars in cash inside of the residence. The owner of the home was arrested on charges of possession with intent to distribute an illegal substance.

If convicted of these crimes, which are felonies in the state of Georgia, this man will be facing fines and more severe penalties, such as a lengthy prison sentence, probation, drug rehabilitation, and more. Georgia drug crimes involving possession must be taken seriously, as the penalties involved are severe and life-altering. It is of the utmost importance that the case at hand be thoroughly investigated so that the best course of action for the defense of the accused may be taken.

It is during such challenging times that the legal counsel and representation of a skilled, aggressive Georgia drug crime attorney are needed.


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