The Georgia Bureau of Investigation reported that on November 11, 2020, it assisted Brooks County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the theft of money from an elderly couple residing in its county. During the course of the investigation, the Bureau discovered the theft of more than $20,000 with the potential of an increase in this amount when it concludes the investigation. 

The investigation resulted in agents of the Bureau securing arrest warrants for the apprehension of the main suspect, Jeffrey Hires, with various counts of exploitation and intimidation of disabled adults, elderly persons, and residents. Jeffrey Hires was charged with two counts of this offense in Brooks County, Colquitt County, and Thomas County. The Bureau alleged that the suspect made illegal use of the victim’s bank card at different locations in the three counties. 

Under Georgia statutes, Jeffrey may face a fine of not more than $50,000 and a jail term between one to 20 years if found guilty of the charges. 

Theft-related charges in Georgia are non-violent crimes if they do not involve aggravating circumstances like assault or bodily harm to the victims. Such crimes do not involve the offender using force or causing injury to the victim. Penalties for non-violent crimes in Georgia generally depend on the damage or loss sustained by the victim from the event. 

Criminal charges for non-violent offenses in Georgia can result in serious charges with severe penalties. You will stand a better chance in legal proceedings by seeking legal aid from a criminal defense attorney. 


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