Staten Island Drug Charges Against Dr. Arrested for Prescribing Steroids

As reported in a story on February 10, 2009, Dr. Richard Lucente, 37, had been arrested for the NY drug crime of illegally selling steroids to bodybuilders. Lucente is also the main doctor involved in a steroid scandal involving NYPD officers. Lucente operated the New York anti-aging and wellness center in W. Brighton, Staten Island. He was one of the principal doctors writing prescriptions for police officers and high school athletes. Lowen’s Pharmacy in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn was also indicted.

Charles Hynes, Brooklyn District Attorney said, “He gained a reputation as someone who would sell to any bodybuilder, weightlifter or athlete.”

According to the authorities, Lucente wrote a prescription for Joseph Baglio, a bodybuilder who had just recently had a heart transplant because of steroid use. Police believe Baglio’s death is connected to steroid use. Homicide charges were not placed on Lucente because medical examiners could not be absolutely sure that the steroids were the cause of Baglio’s untimely death. Therefore Lucente was charged with reckless endangerment.

Hynes said, “Dr. Lucente knew he had a heart transplant. He had no business giving him any kind of steroid.”

Lucente would receive kickbacks for sending patients to Lowen’s Pharmacy whose owner John Rossi, 56, killed himself in his office in 2008.

Hynes added, “Dr. Lucente’s greed resulted in the tragic death of two people.”

Investigators believe Lucente made $500,000 from steroid patients between 2005 and 2007. Lucente faces 5 ½ years for each of the 76 counts of criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance.

It was not disclosed if police officers or firefighters cooperated with the investigation.

John Meringolo, Lucente’s lawyer said, “He will be vindicated. He has helped people. He has saved people’s lives. It’s actually absurd what they are doing here.”

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