Staten Island Attendant Killed, No Witnesses

Mohammad Ishfq Ahmad, 50 was shot and killed at a gas and deli station on Staten Island located on Victory Boulevard. Ahmad had moved from Pakistan to the United States in search of a better life. He was shot in the back near the pumps at the Gulf Station in what appears to be a robbery attempt in this New York violent crime.

Fatally wounded, Ahmad was able to stumble into a neighboring convenience store before he died.

Tompkinsville owner, Zahid Cuaudry said, “He told the attendant to call the police, then he fell to the ground.”

Even though there were other customers pumping gas at the time, shockingly no one saw the violent crime happen. Ahmad was transported to Richmond University Medical Center where he died a short time later.

“He was a pretty cool guy. Calm,” said Chaudry. “He never had a fight with anybody. He was a good worker.”

Police combed over the gas station for hours in search of any evidence and surveillance video.

Another gas employee said, “He was shot, and no one noticed. People were still pumping gas. People are scared to come and take this job. They don’t want to give their life for $50 or $60 a shift.”

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