$ 1 Million in Legal Fees From a Case of Sexual Misconduct

In a cautionary tale about the very serious nature of criminal suits for clients and attorneys alike, a Superior Court judge has ordered a couple and their attorney to pay more than $1 million in legal fees and court costs from a dismissed case. According to an article, the lawsuit alleged sexual misconduct against Bishop Earl Paulk, one of Atlanta’s preeminent preachers in the 1980s and 1990s. Mona Brewer claimed in the suit that she had a 14-year coercive affair with Paulk, but the suit was dropped by the Brewers last July.

The judge entered the order Friday, January 22nd against Mona and Bobby Brewer and their attorney, for costs incurred by three different legal firms who defended Paulk in the Superior Court case.

Atlanta Sexual Misconduct charges are some of the most serious charges one can claim against another individual. The damage that these claims can have on an individual’s reputation can be devastating, regardless of whether the charges turn out to be true or not. A series of sexual misconduct allegations plagued Paulk’s work and as a result of this, he lost influence in the community, and eventually, his ministry.

Georgia sex crime can never be expunged or taken off of your criminal record and you must reveal information about it when asked by potential employers and others. Because the nature of the crime is so serious each and every element of your case should be scrutinized by your lawyer. Many times police do not follow procedure during the case; instead, they rely on insufficient or non-existent evidence or hearsay or are aggressively pursuing the wrong person.


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