Brooklyn Hit and Run Critically Injures 2

February 10, 2009 an SUV fled the scene after running down a family crossing the street. Following their mother, Ralph Nicholas was struck as he was holding his sister Sade’s hand at the intersection of Avenue H and Utica Ave in Brooklyn.

Sade Nicholas, 11 said, ‘We was getting off the bus and crossing the street. No cars was coming.”

All of a sudden an SUV going at high speed appeared from behind a stopped car and ran the stop light, running over the family. Flashing headlights was the only thing Sade remembers seeing.

Sade said, “I got up and went to my mother. She couldn’t get up.”

Her younger brother Ralph was flung onto a cab and then landed on the street with blood coming from his head.

Sade said, “I think he flew because he was all the way on the other side of the street.”

Nicholas was transported to Kings County Hospital were he was in intensive care after suffering major head injuries and has not regained consciousness. His mother is Lisa Humphrey, 41 is expected to recover after also suffering a head injury.

Crossing the street is always dangerous even in a quiet neighborhood such as the one in this example. All precautions should always be taken, including taking the necessary time to make sure no cars are near or even at a further distance as they may be approaching at a high speed. Serious traffic violations involve serious misconduct while driving a motor vehicle. Felony examples include vehicular manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

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