Rikers In-House Jail Beat Down Kills Man

In a story on January 29, 10 inmates described as thugs were charged with the deadly beat down in jail of Rikers inmate Christopher Robinson, 18, who has been jailed for a parole violation. The inmates are accused of being in a jail club known as “The Program.” Shaddon Beswick and Anquant Bryant, each 18, were charged with manslaughter in linking them to Robinson’s death.

Charnel Robinson, the mother, said, “It’s absolutely horrible to know that I’m living here every day without my only child.”

Sanford Rubenstein, Robinson’s attorney, requested a federal investigation into the incident to find out whether the killing was an “isolated incident” or an indication of a system-wide abuse.
Prosecutors said a city investigation into Robinson’s death in this NY violent crime exposed that correction officers at Rikers jail united forces with a group of inmates to keep order.

Officers Khalid Nelson, Denise Albright, and Michael McKie were charged with masterminding “The Program” and called their inmate associates “The Team”. The inmates allegedly were allowed to shake down and beat other prisoners.

Xavier Donaldson, Beswick’s attorney, claimed that his client had been in the building where the Rikers violent crime took place for just one day. Donaldson said, “The conspiracy is supposed to have covered from July 10 to Oct. 18. My client, based on the information that I know, had not been in One Main for more than 24 hours.”

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