Queens Violent Crime Kills Landlord

In a report from February, 11th stated that Rosario Prestigiacomo, 64 was killed with a knife while inside his apartment in Ridgewood on Green Ave. According to police reports, Prestigiacomo was the landlord there and family relatives said that he owned the apartment. Police were investigating and did not know if Prestigiacomo knew his killer.

Rosa Adele was distraught in her Florida home and said, “It is a real big shock.”

Aggravated assault is a crime in which a person illegally attempts to and is able to commit violence against another individual. Listed below are some examples of crimes which may constitute assault in New York:

  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Assault with intent to cause serious physical pain
  • Physically attacking an individual
  • Threatening to cause physical harm
  • Causing fear in others by threats or endangerment
  • Intention to commit battery

Amongst the severest violent crime is homicide; this is a situation in which one person kills another person. If you have been arrested for, or charged with homicide in New York or Georgia you may be facing very serious consequences and should hire an aggressive Georgia or New York violent crime lawyer. There is a lot at stake, and depending upon your situation, you may be facing a life sentence, which is why you are in desperate need of accomplished and skilled legal representation. Do not attempt to represent yourself, there is just too much at risk.


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