NYC Personal Assistant Convicted in Ex-Punk Manager Killing

An article discusses that the personal assistant of a punk-rock icon and celebrity real estate broker was convicted of beating her boss to death with a piece of gym equipment. The jury on the case spent less than a day reaching a second-degree murder verdict.

Prosecuting attorneys said the suspect had stolen over $30,000 from the victim, and then beat her to death to try and hide the crime. Her defense lawyers admitted she had stolen from her former boss, as well as at least one other employer at a prior job, but they denied she murdered her boss. The 28-year-old woman’s attorney said in closing arguments that police officers coerced his client into a false confession after more than 12 hours of questioning.

In the beginning of the questioning, the suspect claimed she had no knowledge of the killing. She later blamed it on a masked intruder who told her not to report it. Finally, she gave her videotaped confession of beating the victim to death with a piece of gym equipment after the boss had harangued her lack of productivity and blowing marijuana smoke at her face. The coroner later determined there was no marijuana in the victim’s body when she died, and she suffered many more than the approximately six blows she described.

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