NY Statutory Rape Convicted Teacher Sent Letter From Jail to Teenage Lover

In a story on March 14, 2009 that the Nassau County District Attorney reported that Heather Kennedy, 26 had been re-arrested for violating a court order. Kennedy was a math teacher in Long Island who was caught having sex with a 16 year old boy back in March 2008 in the school’s parking lot. Even after being caught for the sex crime in New York, Kennedy continued the affair with the boy. She was charged with additional charges in July. Now the former teacher is being thrown back in jail for writing love letters to her underage lover.

Kennedy apologized to the court but was convicted of statutory rape and given six months in jail in addition to her teaching license being revoked.

There are many types of sexual assault or sexual abuse in New York. Sexual assault, in most states, includes any type of unwanted physical contact with any sexual organ. All sex crimes, either felony or misdemeanor, are very serious charges and can carry life changing consequences.

Each year there are countless cases of individuals wrongfully accused of and charged with criminal sexual acts. If you find yourself in this situation, it is very important that you secure the representation of a top New York criminal defense lawyers. They are skilled in NY sex crime law and will be able to use evidence to show your good character, while using evidence which will show the lack of character of the accuser in the case.


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