New York Sex Crime Offender Russell Harding Fights to Stay off Sex Offender List

The reported in a story on February 10, 2009, that Russell Harding, housing czar during Rudy Giuliani’s governor term, is fighting court attempts to place his name and address in a New York statewide registry of sex offenders for life. More than 27,000 names can be found on the list of offenders of a sex crime in New York.

According to court documents, Harding is upset that federal prosecutors recently turned over documents detailing damaging chats he had online.

Harding wrote, “As the court knows these chats were not the basis for any charge brought against me either in the original or amended indictments. They were never used as evidence as they had no evidentiary basis for the crime of possession of child pornography in this particular case.”

Harding has just finished serving a five-year sentence for embezzlement of city funds and possession of child porn. Harding pleaded guilty in 2003 to stealing $400,000 from the city’s Housing and Preservation Development Corp. and using it for lavish vacation and car.

On his personal website, Harding wrote, “I understood these chats to be sealed as they had never been proven to be authentic and had no evidentiary value since they were not part of the crime alleged. The way you achieve fairness and equity in the justice system is for everyone plays by the rules. When one side cheats, especially the more powerful side, there can be no justice. Whether you think me a good guy or a scumbag I am fully prepared to let you be the judge as to whether or not I received a fair shake.”

Each year there are countless cases of individuals wrongfully accused of and charged with criminal sexual acts in New York and Georgia. In this situation, you must secure the representation of a Georgia or New York sex crime defense attorney who is skilled in sex crime law and will be able to use evidence to show your good character.


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