New York Gambino Crime “Executioner” on Trial

In a story on January 30, 2009, Charles Carneglia is being accused of five murders in New York City. Marisa Seifan, Assistant United States Attorney, accused the alleged Gambino crime family hitman of being an “executioner” who murdered when he was ordered to or “felt he was disrespected.”

Carneglia sat motionless, eating gum in a courtroom packed with court officers and relatives of victims. Murdered victims in the NY violent crime case were the Court Officer Alber Gelb, an armored car driver, a gangster, and two alleged mob contacts.

Seifan said, “The defendant was an executioner. He chose murder as a way to punish Gelb for daring to stand up to a mobster. To the defendant, killing a court officer was a badge of honor.” Gelb was shot in 1976, four days before he testified against him in court. Dennis Quirk, State Court Officers President, came to the Brooklyn court with more than 60 officers looking for justice.

Quirk said, “He [Carneglia] is an animal. He belongs caged.”

Michael Cotillo and Salvatore Puma were knifed through the heart, and armor car guard Jose Rivera Delgado was shot at close range during a Kennedy Airport holdup “because he dared to fight back,” Seifan said.

Seifan also claimed that when John Gotti wanted gangster Louis DiBono killed, Carneglia decided the cowardly road by “sneaking up behind him” in the parking garage of the World Trade Center.

Kelley Sharkev, defense attorney, accepted that Carneglia had in the past participated in the crime, but had recently removed himself from the Gambino family.

A former Gambino associate Michael (Mikey Scars) DiLeonardo was the first to take the stand and said the Carneglia was respected within the Gambino family because of his connections to the Gottis and readiness to kill.

All violent crimes are severely punished. In fact, recent U.S. laws have been passed that will increase the mandatory minimum sentences that will apply to people who are convicted of committing certain violent crimes. If you have been arrested for carrying out a violent crime in New York or Georgia you may be facing a long prison term or a life sentence. New York and Georgia violent crime defense attorneys aggressively defend the rights of their clients.


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