New York DWI Manslaughter Leaves One Alive

In a story on February 9th, that a woman who described herself as the mother of New Jersey officer Martin Abreu, 25, was placing the blame for the car accident on the dead female victim and the other pedestrian who was seriously injured. Abreu is accused of driving under the influence in New York behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry when he ran over the pedestrians as they returned home to Battery Park City from a night of dancing shortly after 3:30 a.m.

Abreu’s mother claimed that the couple was crossing West St. against the light. She said, “It was her (the dead victim’s) fault.”

Police refused to declare whether the couple had crossed against the light or not. Having no shame, the woman continued with her absurd statements saying, “So my son went out and had a couple of drinks. He deserves to have a good time now and then.”

Marilyn Feng, 26, died at the scene. She had just recently graduated from New York University Law School and was preparing to take the bar this summer. Dennis Loffredo, 26, was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan where he is recovering from leg and head injuries.

Abreu was suspended from his job and is being charged with a violent crime in New York for vehicular manslaughter along with his DWI charge.

Facing a DWI connected with vehicular manslaughter is a scary experience that carries serious jail sentences. Not only does a person endure the horrifying and humiliating experience of being arrested, they then have to appear in court where he or she will have to face the prosecutor against him, the judge, and all of the State’s prosecutorial power. Contact the experienced Georgia and New York criminal defense attorneys, who can help you during these most difficult times.


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