New York Domestic Violence Case of Soprano’s Vincent Pastore Settles Out of Court

In a story on February 10, 2009, that Vincent Pastore, 62, known as Sal Bonpensiero on the HBO television series called The Sopranos, had agreed to settle out of court for being accused of domestic violence in Manhattan. The exact details of the settlement were not disclosed. Pastore’s former fiancée Lisa Regina accused him of assaulting her. Regina and Pastore walked out of court together after settling a $5.5 million court battle.

Pastore said, “I think I just wanna say, thank God it’s over. How can anybody be happy about something like this?”

According to court reports, Pastore is accused of hitting Regina in the head in 2005. Regina was exchanging screams with Pastore when she then pulled down Pastore’s pants on a street in Little Italy.

As Regina walked out of the courtroom she said, “That would have been America’s funniest videos, right?

Pastore acknowledged in the civil trial that he took hold of Regina’s hair but denied hitting her. He performed 70 hours of community service for the act.

David Perecman, a lawyer for the actress said, “That door just got opened and there were going to be more inquiries into that and the details around it.”

Pastore’s lawyer Barry Strutt, simply had this to say about the settlement: “It was satisfactory for both sides.”

Responding to questions about his past, in which he allegedly struck someone with a bat he said, “I have never hit anyone in my life with a baseball bat, except in the movies. They’re always rubber, anyways.”

Domestic violence is a form of abuse that involves people who know each other, such as partners, spouses, ex-spouses, parents, and children, or boyfriends and girlfriends. It is extremely important to hire an aggressive and skilled Manhattan criminal defense attorney to defend your rights during this difficult time. With a Georgia or New York domestic abuse lawyer, you may be able to have your charges dropped, avoid jail time, or receive an alternative such as counseling or probation.


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