Multiple Cocaine Drug Charges Against 3 Gainesville Men

An article: Multiple Cocaine Drug Charges addresses the recent arrest of three Gainesville men for several drug charges relating to trafficking cocaine, conspiracy to traffic cocaine, possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, and use of a communications device to facilitate a drug transaction. Based on the article, after an undercover drug investigation involving the local gang task force, the FBI and the Gainesville Police Department, the men were arrested for allegedly possessing over six pounds of cocaine. The arrested men are all in their twenties and have a full life ahead of them to live.

Facing drug charges in Georgia for multiple offenses, especially those involving drug trafficking and possession with the intent to distribute, can lead to several harsh and life-changing consequences if an individual is convicted. Some of these serious penalties may include prison time, serving probation, steep fines, mandatory drug rehabilitation programs, community service, and loss of certain civil liberties such as the right to own a handgun, the right to vote, and the ability to obtain some kinds of employment.

When multiple drug arrests are made due to undercover operations, some may question the legality of arrest procedure and whether the rights of arrested individuals were violated in any way. If you or someone you know has been charged with a drug crime in Georgia, the aggressive and knowledgeable Atlanta drug crime defense attorneys can help.


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