In a story on February 11th, that Manual Gaspar Latuna Sanchez, a cargo van driver, inadvertently struck and picked up a body that had already been hit, dragging it for 17 miles. According to police reports an SUV first hit a man trying to cross at 108th St. in Corona, Queens and ended nearly an hour later when someone finally was able to get the van driver’s attention.

Smelling something burning Sanchez did pull over to check the van but did not notice anything wrong. Raymond Kelly, police commissioner, said that the driver continued driving for nearly an hour until finally waved down in Brighton.

Kelly said, “People were signaling him to stop the vehicle. That’s when the body is discovered under his car.”

The dead man’s body was severely damaged and unable to be recognized. Crime scene investigators believe that the body got stuck in the van’s chassis, making it difficult for the driver to see when he checked if something was wrong.

Maria Diaz exclaimed, “Oh my God, how could a body be dragged that far? That’s terrible.”
Police were going to go back over the van’s route to see if any body parts or clothes could be found.

Joe Palmeri said, “I don’t believe it. How could you not feel a body under your car driving that far? Just the initial hit you had to feel, right.”

Although this case appears to be an accident, the driver may face homicide charges. Homicide is a situation in which one person kills another person. If you have been arrested for, or charged with homicide in New York or Georgia you may be facing very serious consequences and should hire an aggressive Georgia or New York homicide defense lawyer right away. There is a lot at stake, and depending upon your situation, you may be facing a life sentence, which is why you are in desperate need of accomplished and skilled legal representation.


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