Investigation Hints at Arrests in Snellville Shooting of Mother

A 25-year-old mother was shot and killed nearly three months ago by a disguised attacker whom investigators believe they now know the identity of. The Snellville Police Department stated in a report that they are “very close” to making an arrest and are waiting for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to analyze evidence that could bolster the strength of their case regarding the violent crime.

A witness to the murder in Georgia said that the shooter was wearing a wig and mustache as a disguise, and shot the young mother after they briefly got into a loud argument. Based on surveillance footage from the Target shopping center where the woman was killed, the shooter may have been a woman. Evidence that was sent to the GBI related to a truck belonging to the victim’s mother-in-law. Police said the mother-in-law drives a pickup truck comparable to the one that was seen at the location of the homicide.

According to the United States Uniform Crime Report, there were 47,075 violent crimes reported in Georgia in 2007, with 717 of those crimes being labeled as murders. Violent offenders are treated with some of the harshest penalties that exist. Being arrested for any type of violent crime is a serious matter and can very often leave the accused feeling overwhelmed, frightened, and confused regarding his or her future, as well as which rights he or she is entitled to under the U.S. Constitution.

Murder charges often involve many other criminal charges, such as weapons violations, and may be defined as murder over self-defense, murder due to the request of a victim, murder over measures necessary for the arrest of a criminal, and murder committed in the heat of passion.

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