Cherokee County Prostitution Ring Ended

A report dated November 7, 2008, in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution by Nancy Badertscher stated that in Cherokee County six people were arrested for sex crimes on suspicion of operating an illegal massage parlor. This case involves the internet, sex, and drugs. The operation was being advertised on the popular website and was operating out of a house in the Hickory Flat community. A six-week investigation preceded the arrests and raid.

Spokesman Sgt. Jay Baker for the Cherokee County Sheriff’s department said charges against the suspects ranged from illegal drug possession, masturbation for hire, and pimping. While serving a search warrant on the house, crime scene investigators also found $15,000 in cash, a laptop, marijuana, and heroin.

Two clients were also found at the time but the Sheriff’s department did not immediately charge them. Many aspects of the law are touched on here because this case involves the internet to solicit business and that business is sex and or illegal drug distribution.

If you have been accused of a crime dealing with the internet, sex, or drugs you need an experienced defense team.


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