Rodney Lewis, 17 was shot to death by his neighbor who did not want to return a television he had borrowed.

Authorities allege that Cloves Roche, 26 was confronted by Lewis to return the 32-inch television he had borrowed. The confrontation quickly escalated from words to punches in the fourth-floor hallway of the Woodrow Wilson Houses located on E. 105 St. Roche ended the fight with two gunshots, one to the leg and one to the stomach in this NY violent crime case.

Yolanda Lewis, the mother of the victim, who lives a floor above her son’s suspected murderer said, “He went to get one of his cousin’s television back. No one in their right mind is going to kill somebody over a TV. I didn’t expect Rodney to go out this way.”

Lewis, who attended The Manhattan School for Career Development, was rushed to Metropolitan Hospital but was tragically pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

Police were searching for Roche throughout the night. Crime scene investigators released a photo of the ex-con who had just lately been released from state prison. Court records show that Roche had just completed five years in prison for drug charges and robbery.

Lewis’s mother stated that her son and some friends had jumped Roche while fighting in the hallway, never expecting to be shot in a New York violent crime.

Shanice Lewis, Lewis’s older sister said, “They didn’t have a television, so we lent it to them so they could play PlayStation, and they just didn’t want to give it back; my poor baby.”

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