Gun Violence Kills 1 and Injures 7 Others in a University in Georgia

The U.S. State of Georgia has recorded another unfortunate shooting incident that occurred near the Fort Valley State University, particularly at 603 Carver Drive, on the night of Saturday, 23rd of October, 2021. The regrettable incident resulted in the death of One Person and injuries sustained by another 7 persons. The gun violence happened during an off-campus party as reported by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations

The individual who lost his life, Tyler French, a 21-year-old was not a student of Fort Valley State University. The other injured persons are currently reported to have had their medical conditions stabilized. The Police authorities have not arrested anyone but they are however soliciting the help of the public to assist them in locating the persons responsible for the gun violence which led to the loss of innocent lives. Anyone with useful information may contact the authorities by phone at 1-800-597-TIPS(8477), or they may choose to go online, alternatively, they may utilize the See Something, Send Something mobile app.

As a result of the security situation, the campus was put on lockdown till the situation became calm, it has been lifted and students can now move in and out of the campus, but irrespective of that, all public events to be held in or organized by the university has been canceled till further notice especially the School’s Alumni breakfast and homecoming parade scheduled for Saturday morning. They may however proceed with the Football game amidst the high-security presence and protocol involved. The location of Fort Valley State University is about 85 miles south of Atlanta, and they have a total of about 2,600 enrolled students. 

Earlier in the year, on the 11th of June, 2021, there was also the incident of a shooting in Savannah, Georgia, where similarly, one person was killed and another seven persons were wounded. The incident occurred outside a residential area around 9:00 pm in the evening when a car drove around the area and began shooting in the crowd before driving off, leaving 7 wounded and another dead. This incident the police chief says could have been the result of a rivalry between different groups, as it was earlier reported that the building had been damaged by gunfire 2 days earlier. The deceased victim in this shooting was 20-year-old Arthur Milton, with about 2 others who were in critical condition at the time. Some of the victims in this shooting were children. 

This death brought the total number of homicides in the city at the time to 14 in the year 2021. The Shooting left damages to about 3 buildings and 6 cars, with about 60 shell casings recovered at the crime scene.  Again the Savannah Police Department has asked the public to come forward with vital information that would help in the capture of the persons responsible for causing the shootings and the deaths. They have expressed disappointment that residents of the town of Georgia are reluctant to come forward.


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