Bronx Women Gets 15 Years for Dumping Baby

In a story on January 30, 2009, that Lucila Rojas, 27, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing her newborn son. Apparently, Rojas, a Bronx resident, is accused of the violent crime in Georgia of smothering her infant son on a city bus, then disposing of the body in a sidewalk trash can.

Richard Buchter, Queens Supreme Court Justice, said “You’ve expressed some remorse. I can only infer from the monstrosity of this crime that it is weighing on your soul.”

Rojas had initiated a citywide manhunt in January 2007 by falsely declaring that a man had kidnapped her 2-week-old child Anthony Rojas at gunpoint outside Jacobi Medical Center. Even in her situation, Rojas has rights and needs the guidance and defense of a New York criminal defense lawyer.

Eventually, Rojas came clean and confessed to killing the boy. She told authorities she did it so that “the baby will sleep forever” and pleaded guilty to the murder. Authorities never found the boy’s body.

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