Georgia Sex Offender Registry Can Cripple Careers

A recent op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution touches on the devastating effects entry into Georgia “draconian” sex offender registry can have on lives and careers. The article, which follows a local man’s struggle to keep a valued employee – and a registered sex offender – on staff, exposes the many issues of HB 908, which seeks to reinstate the sex offender law that was tossed out in 2006 due to its unconstitutional limits on the lives and careers of sex offenders.

The article points out that the current bill does not distinguish between severe and low-risk offenders and fails to make sensible provisions for people who are barred from living where children congregate. If passed, the law could reinstate restrictions on where registered offenders live and work, a move that could actually increase public risk as some sex offenders fail to register with their local sheriff due to fear about the law’s impact on their lives.

If anything, reading this op-ed brings home the point of how devastating an Atlanta sex crime conviction can really be. But what options are available for someone who is accused of a sex offense? Whether the accusation is false or the offense is real, every person who is accused is entitled to a fair trial. However, the stigma of sex offenses can seriously endanger a person’s access to a fair and unbiased judge, jury, and criminal process.

If you’re struggling with a sex offense accusation, you’re probably frightened, frustrated, and angry. Be proactive – go with an attorney who understands criminal justice, protects the rights of his or her clients, and has a track record of wins in a variety of Georiga criminal defense areas. Don’t want to enter the Georgia sex offender registry? Win your case instead.


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