Georgia Participates in “All Hands Across the Border” DUI Crackdown

The “All Hands Across the Border” campaign was announced as an effort to dissuade and prevent drunk driving during the upcoming holidays, such as Labor Day and other long weekends. The program began on Sunday, August 30, 2009, and will hopefully curb the DUI incidents that habitually pop up over 3-day weekends and the like. Georgia law enforcement will be taking part in the DUI crackdown along with its five bordering states. According to an article, the campaign has historically contributed towards a successful decrease in the number of DUI fatalities that occur during holiday periods.

According to the director of the Georgia governor’s Office of Highway Safety, the program “engages both sides of our borders amongst all our neighboring states to have similar policies and procedures to make sure our roads are safe.”

Whether the “All Hands Across the Border” DUI initiative will perform its said purpose as well as it has in years past is yet to be determined. It is our hope that there are indeed fewer fatalities on our roadways throughout the entire year, particularly during holiday periods when incidents of DUI in Georgia typically are on the rise.

Being charged with a DUI can be an overwhelming experience that may result in your license being suspended, the imposition of immense fines hitting your pocketbook, and jail time being practically imminent. Experienced Atlanta DUI attorneys can help you by investigating the means of your arrest to ensure that your rights were not infringed upon.


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