Matthew Gantz, a 41-year-old drama teacher at Cherokee High School in Canton, has been arrested after two students alleged that Gantz had a sexual relationship with them. According to a report, Gantz was arrested after allegations from a former student that he sexually assaulted her beginning in 2007 when the victim was 17. A second person came forward later with similar allegations.

Gantz was charged with two counts of sexual assault of a person in custody and one count of tampering with evidence. With the second girl coming forward, police filed three additional counts of sexual assault against the teacher. The second victim says she had a sexual relationship with Gantz in 2005 when she was a student at the high school. After his arrest, Gantz reportedly resigned from his teaching job at the school, which he has held since 1998.

If you are facing a sex crime charge in Georgia, you are also facing serious consequences. A sex crime charge is a stain on your reputation. In this case, the teacher resigned right away after his arrest even before the charges could be proved in a court of law. Although a defendant in a criminal case is innocent until proven guilty, society doesn’t quite look at it that way.

You need a skilled Atlanta sex crimes defense attorney who can thoroughly investigate your case and listen to your side of the story. If convicted of a sex crime, you are facing a lengthy prison term, monetary fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender with State and local law enforcement agencies for the rest of your life. If you are facing a sex crime charge, please call a skilled sex crime defense attorney.


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