Georgia Child Pornography Sweep Nets 23

In a story on March 10, 2009, local, state, and federal agents had conducted a statewide sweep in Georgia which had resulted in the arrest of 27 people and more than 100 computers being confiscated. Two teenagers were among those arrested for possession of child pornography in Georgia. Now forensic technicians will have to spend hour after hour searching for any trace of child pornography pictures or videos.

John Bankhead, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, said the operation was called “Operation Shattered Innocence” and that for the most part, all arrests were carried out. However, more arrest warrants will most likely be issued, including some for teenagers after investigators go through the hard drives.

Investigators say that investigation did not center on an individual website but on the “peer-to-peer” sites that exchange videos and pictures. As arrest warrants were executed for these Georgia sex crimes, many were shocked to see law enforcement at their door. Agents found one man standing nude in front of his computer that had a camera connected to it.

Some computers were left behind even though they were suspected of sending or receiving child pornography. According to Bankhead, the reason for this is that those computers were connected to the Internet with an unsecured connection. This means that anyone within reach of your signal can be downloading those images aside from the owner of the computer.

In most cases, these charges are state felonies and can be punishable with up to 20 years in prison. If you have been charged with a sex crime offense in Georgia, you are facing serious consequences. These penalties may carry life-long repercussions, ruining your reputation within your community and your chances to pursue certain personal and professional endeavors. If you are convicted of committing a sexual offense, you are facing a long prison term and monetary fines, and you may have to register as a sex offender with State and local law enforcement agencies for the rest of your life.

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