Furnished Alcohol to a Minor Causing Fatality

In a story on January 31, 2009, that police will be charging Kecia Whitfield with reckless conduct and furnished alcohol to a minor. Garrett Reed was among those consuming the alcohol that, in the end, was a direct cause of the car accident that killed him. Authorities concluded after their investigation that Whitfield bought alcohol for her stepson along with several others including minor Garrett Reed.

Authorities claim Reed consumed the alcohol and got behind the wheel of a car when he hit another vehicle at high speeds. Reed crashed into Richard Reyes, 25, killing Reed and sending Reyes to the hospital with leg injuries. Police believe high speeds along with alcohol were the cause of the fatal accident. Reyes remains at the hospital with leg injuries and is in stable condition.

The bond for Whitfield was set at $10,000 in the case of this non-violent crime.

The aforementioned tragic accident is an example of a person charged with a non-violent crime in Georgia, nonetheless, it is connected with alcohol distribution to a minor that led to him wrecking and dying, plus causing injuries to others. As a consequence, this can lead to multiple serious charges against you. As an adult, you should never purchase or consume alcohol with a minor as you may be held responsible for your actions.

This is a very serious and complicated case that can only be properly handled by skilled New York and Georgia non-violent crime defense in New York and Georgia.


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