Harlem Crack Supermarket Shut Down by Cops

On January 29, 2009 police had arrested 17 people for dealing drugs at a seven story apartment building located at 135 Hamilton Place. According to officials they sold crack at all times from the grand building. Police claim that the boss was so bold that he even posted rollerblading videos on YouTube.

One tenant said, “I was afraid even to look out the window at the crackdown. I’m glad to have my building back.”

Boschi (Bloodie) Pope, 22 is the alleged dope gang leader, who according to authorities, ran the gang from Rikers Island Jail. Authorities were able to tape incriminating conversations. Prosecutors say the tapes allegedly contain Pope’s voice instructing his girlfriend, Tiffany DuBois, 21 on how to restock the gang’s crack stash. DuBois, the mother of Pope’s child, was also arrested and put in the position of needing a skilled NY dealing drugs crime defense lawyer.

Along with Pope’s rollerblading skills being posted on YouTube, there were also videos of the Stack Money Gang having block parties on its territory.

Police began an investigation after receiving complaints from tenants that the dope gang had turned the building in a 24 hour crack market.

Dan Rather, head of the Manhattan district attorney’s firearms unit said, the gang had codes like “put the hat on” for a call to arms, and “red rag” for get out. “They’re your everyday, ordinary terrorizers.”

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