Athens-Clarke County Man Accused of Killing 3 Siblings

In a story on January 29, 2009, David Latimer, 52 has been taken into custody after police found three people dead in what appeared to be a shooting. Mike McKeel, Athens-Clarke Police Lt., said Latimer shot his two sisters and brother to death. The shootings took place at a mobile home park located on Spring Valley Road. The victims were identified as Janice Carol Patterson, 57, Thomas G. Latimer, 49, and Sara Kathleen Tatum, 57. Police said no motive was given for this seemingly senseless Georgia Criminal Homicide.

There are various types of homicide, which in the United States carry with them different penalties and consequences.

Listed below are short descriptions of a few types of homicide in violent crimes:

• Criminal homicide- This is intentional homicide, such as voluntary manslaughter, murder, and criminal negligence which results in involuntary manslaughter.
• Justifiable homicide- A form of non-criminal homicide in which proof is necessary to show that the victim did not die from a criminal act. An example of justifiable homicide is a death that is the cause of self defense.
• Excusable homicide- A homicide which is the result of an accident in which no laws were broken and which can be defended in court.

If you are facing a violent crime charge, including homicide it is imperative you contact a skilled attorney as these are absolutely serious charges, with equally serious repercussions. New York and Georgia violent crime defense attorneys aggressively defend the rights of clients.


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