Cocaine Distribution and Conspiracy Charges in Narcotic Trafficking Ring

Montgomery Cocaine Ring Busted; 16 Individuals Charged with Conspiracy

According to a July 10, 2008, federal grand jury indictment, 16 Montgomery, Alabama men and women were charged with a conspiracy to manufacture and distribute powder and crack cocaine throughout the region. The federal drug crime and conspiracy charges allege that during the first half of 2008, the 16 individuals along with other co-conspirators developed, financed, and maintained a drug-trafficking organization that supplied the Montgomery region with illegal narcotics. A spokesperson for the Drug Enforcement Administration suggested that dismantling the ring could have a significant and long-lasting impact on the Montgomery, AL drug scene.

If convicted, the 16 defendants could potentially serve a decade in prison and pay as much as $4 million in fines — just for the conspiracy charge. Several agencies and taskforces were involved in the investigation that yielded the cocaine distribution and conspiracy charges, including the Alabama State National Guard, the DEA, the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, and a special Gulf Coast drug-trafficking force.

Thanks to the high-profile nature of this case and the numerous agencies involved, legal proceedings could become quite complex. While prosecutors claim to have mapped out a clear description of their strategy, it’s unknown yet how the defendants will respond.

Building a strong defense against a federal criminal charge can take time, energy, and deep strategic thinking. If you leave your federal defense up to an un-tested attorney or fail to explore all options when assessing your options, you could end up serving significantly harsher penalties and missing out on opportunities to plead for leniency or get your charges dismissed altogether.


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