Child Sexual Exploitation Charges Against Peachtree City Golf Pro

The growth of the Internet and its many uses is unprecedented; however, many communities are often shocked when someone within a neighborhood is arrested by law enforcement for using the Internet to sexually exploit children by arranging secretive meetings. An article recently reported that a Peachtree golf pro who teaches children group golf lessons has been arrested for child sexual exploitation in Georgia. Apparently, the man had set up a meeting via the Internet with someone whom he was under the impression was a minor, but that turned out to be a federal agent.

Before becoming an employee at Jonesboro’s Lake Spivey Golf Course, background checks were conducted on the 45-year-old man, but those background checks did not show any criminal record or signs of child abuse. The golf course’s financial officer said that the man accused always seemed like a devoted family man and that his teenage son worked at the golf course as well. The accused man had previously been named Lake Spivey’s head golf pro in March 2008.

Being charged with the sexual exploitation of child is a serious offense with harsh consequences if convicted. As the above case demonstrates, a person has to simply be accused of a sex crime for his or her reputation to be in shambles, which greatly affects personal relationships and future employment.

Exploiting children in a sexual manner relates to alluring, inducing, or using a minor to take on or assist any other individual to engage in any sexually explicit behavior for the purpose of creating any visual medium portraying such conduct. When found guilty of such an offense, a convicted person may have to register as a sex offender, pay hefty fines, and serve lengthy jail time.

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Georgia, it may be in your best interest to seek quality legal assistance from a skilled Georgia sex crime defense lawyer who will help protect your rights in a court of law.


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