On February 10, 2009 a NYPD police officer who just graduated from the police academy had shot and wounded an 18 year old Brooklyn man, Akeem Harvey. According to police and witness reports, the NY violent crime happened outside an R&R; grocery store in Brownsville at around 2:30pm. Officers from the 67th precinct stopped Harvey who they say was acting nervous, fiddling with his waistband then dashing north on Winthrop St.

An unidentified woman said, “The cops were searching the boy outside the store and he started running. The Police started chasing after him. I heard a shot. And he was down around the corner. I started crying and praying.”

Harvey was running home when a .357 magnum revolver fell from his body and he picked it up and pointed it at the police. One police officer responded by firing one shot hitting Harvey in the face. Police then found the unloaded gun under Harvey’s body.

The partner of the officer had stopped to pick up his mobile phone then came upon the pair after the shooting. Harvey is unemployed, out school, and neighbors say he hung out with the local want to be branch of the crips gang.

Anthony Hall, 51, father of Harvey said, “I don’t know anything about any gun. He’s not such a bad boy … he didn’t deserve this.”

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