Brooklyn Raids Find Fakes and Realistic Toy Guns

Charles J. Hynes held a press conference at the warehouse of Ya Mei Trading and Wholesale, at 537 Johnson Avenue in Bushwick Brooklyn. He announced the results of a raid on a Brooklyn warehouse that produced an estimated $10 million worth of counterfeit goods, including realistic toy guns, thus resulting in the need for a New York criminal defense attorney.

report on January 30, 2009, reported that Fu Xian Bao, 48, and Xiao Ping Luo, 41, both of Brooklyn, were arrested on charges of trademark counterfeiting, counterfeiting, and other charges, and are facing up to 15 years in prison for their white collar crime.

Fake Chanel, Disney, and Yankee gear overflowed much of the two-story warehouse. Without question, it was the toy guns and dangerous electrical items that troubled investigators the most. According to Hynes, a defective extension cord started to smoke when an official plugged it in.

Hynes said the toy guns were “inherently dangerous.” It is illegal to make or paint toy guns black after several heartbreaking instances where kids were shot after aiming a realistic-looking gun at police officers. Hynes added that the laser lights on the guns only added to the realistic look.

Raymond Kelly, Police Commissioner said, “Look-alike guns, in addition to abetting crimes, also jeopardize the lives of responding police officers and others, including youngsters.”

A white-collar crime is a type of crime that generally involves business matters. White-collar crime convictions and investigations are on the rise due to recent government funding for related matters.


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