Bronx Violent Crime Shooting on Sidewalk Injures Pedestrians

On February 11, 2009, two men began shooting at each other outside the entrance to Gun Hill Rd. No. 5 train station is located at the busy intersection of DeWitt Pl. and East Gun Hill Rd. Occurring just before 9 a.m. the sidewalks were full of people who scrambled for cover when the shooting erupted. According to the police, an unidentified woman was shot in the arm while an unidentified man was slightly grazed by a bullet in the leg in this shooting in the Bronx.

Mohammed Hayan, manager of the Best Stop Deli on Gun Hill Rd. said, “A lady came in holding her arm [and] said she was shot. She kept saying ‘Call an ambulance, call an ambulance – I’m shot, I’m shot.’ We gave her the phone…I didn’t see any blood [but] she was holding her arm.”

Witnesses say the women had gotten close to the store window to appreciate a picture of President Barack Obama when she was shot. She was taken to Jacobi Medical Center where she was listed in stable condition. Relatives identified the other victim as Darnell Cooper, 18, who was also treated at Jacobi. Police were able to arrest one of the gunmen who may have also possibly suffered a gunshot wound. His identity was not immediately disclosed. Police claim the other gunman ran into the subway station and disappeared.

Hayan said, “It’s a good neighborhood but you have to be careful.”

No matter what your specific situation, if you have been accused of a violent crime in New York or Georgia, consider hiring an aggressive violent crime defense attorney. Being arrested for any type of violent crime is very serious, and you should not take action on your own.


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