Bronx First-Degree Manslaughter Charge Against Officer

In a story that there is a correction from their original story on March 13, 2009, that Officer Rafael Lora faces a first-degree manslaughter charge in New York for the deadly shooting of Fermin Arzu, 41, in May 2007.

According to reports Arzu was driving while intoxicated and hit parked cars outside Lora’s Longwood home. Awoken by a loud bang, the off-duty Manhattan traffic officer went outside with his Glock 26 to investigate. He claims to have identified himself as an officer as he approached the vehicle.

Lora said, ‘I saw a dark-colored minivan with steam coming out of it.”

Lora’s account states that when he opened the passenger door Arzu attacked him in the face with something he had gotten from the glove box. Then Arzu attempted to close the door and drive away.

Lora testified, “He squeezed me to the frame of the door. He put the car quickly into gear and drove away. I fired my weapon and was released from the vehicle.”

Daughter Katherine Arzu, 22 said “He’s making up a story. It doesn’t make any sense.”

There are various types of homicide, which in the United States carry with them different penalties and consequences. A few types of homicide include criminal homicide, justifiable homicide, and excusable homicide.

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