Bronx Drug Crime Leads to Women Being Held Hostage

February 10, 2009 an undercover sting operation resulted in the arrest of parolee Kirkland Smith, 58, for selling methadone to an undercover police officer. Due to a slip up, either by the NYPD or the district attorney’s office, they botched up the drug test results and were unsuccessful in meeting a deadline to indict Smith; therefore, he walked out of jail. According to police reports Smith poured $20 worth of methadone into a water bottle and sold it to the undercover cop in this New York drug crime.

Feeling untouchable, Smith decided to take two women hostage for six hours. Police were finally able to talk Smith into surrendering without incident. Smith claimed to have been upset because he was getting evicted, although no evidence of this could be found.

Parole officials will wait to see if they will charge Smith with violating his parole until the drug case is settled.

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