Augusta Man Pleads Not Guilty to Two Counts of Bribery

According to The Augusta Chronicle, an Augusta man accused of two counts of bribery has pleaded not guilty to the charges made against him. The man is being accused of offering Mayor Pro Tem Alvin Mason of Augusta and Commissioner Corey Johnson special privileges in exchange for their support of a commission to build a trade center in the downtown portion of the city.

Bribery can be defined as the offering or acceptance of anything of value, in exchange for influence over the actions of a public or government official or employee. Bribes can take the form of gifts and monetary payment in exchange for favorable treatment, such as receiving government contracts or some sort of award. Bribery is a very serious white collar crime in Georgia in which both parties may be convicted with consequences including several years in prison, steep fines, present and future employment loss, and more.

Skilled Georgia white collar crime defense lawyers understand the severity of the charges placed against those accused of committing bribery.


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