An Augusta man, who shot and injured a suspected burglar, found out this week that the district attorney could file charges against him. Thurman is shocked that he could possibly face criminal charges for acting in self-defense when he protected himself against an intruder.

Thurman told reporters that he didn’t shoot Jeffrey Whitt because he saw him break into his truck, but because of the uncertainty of the situation. Thurman says at the time, he did not know if Whitt was armed and dangerous. He also did not know if this intruder had other people working with him. As a result, he shot Whitt to protect himself and his family from imminent danger.

What would you do if your wife and children were in danger? What would you do if it were a question of life and death? Very often, in these situations, you don’t have the time to make a calm, calculated decision.

Mr. Thurman seems to have made such a decision in this instance. He wasn’t in the yard wielding his gun with the intent to shoot and kill. In essence, he was forced into shooting the intruder because he feared for his family’s well-being. Thurman tells the WRDW news reporter that he wasn’t even concerned that Whitt was stealing from him. But at that time, all he could think about was protecting himself and his loved ones.

This man should be commended for his actions – not penalized for them. Whitt did not suffer life-threatening injuries and has already been arrested and charged with burglary. He is said to have broken into three vehicles on the day of this incident. Hope the district attorney decides against prosecuting Thurman. He had every right to defend himself and his loved ones.

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