Atlanta Robbery Charges for Four Man Crew

On November 8, 2008, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that an unnerving upward violent street crime trend in DeKalb is continuing this year. Two murders have occurred on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. in the last four months. Donaciano Cayon 40, and Alejandro Perez-Morales 37, were both approached by at least one assailant soon after midnight. According to DeKalb County police, they have arrested the four-man thief crew in connection with these murders. Police also suspect that the crew is responsible for many other armed robberies in the area. All four assailants are being held on robbery charges and murder charges without bond.

Just last year DeKalb experienced a sharp increase of 17 percent in pedestrian crime. Shockingly this year it is up another 15 percent with 1,505 pedestrian robberies in DeKalb up to September. Police warn that the assailants may be targeting Hispanics since the victims were of Hispanic heritage. Police believe that Hispanics living in apartment buildings may be especially at risk because they have to walk and some believe that Hispanics carry cash and are wary of contacting the authorities.

Police have stepped up their efforts in the area in hopes of curtailing the out-of-control crime. Undercover officers are being used along with patrols, and roadblocks.

Theft transgressions associated with violent crimes are serious charges that carry serious jail time.


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