Atlanta Police Misconduct Misconduct and Excessive Force

Going into law enforcement is no easy task. Police officers and public safety officers alike have important responsibilities to uphold in helping prevent crime and keeping a community secure. In fulfilling these duties, officers are also expected by law to not cause any unnecessary harm to others or commit any illegal activities themselves. What are we to believe, then, as citizens of Georgia, when police are accused of using excessive force and exercising other forms of misconduct?

An article: Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that subpoenas have been given to four police officers by an Atlanta City Council committee. Apparently, the offices failed to provide answers to questions posed by the city’s Citizen Review Board regarding complaints filed for excessive force. The alleged incidents of police misconduct of force occurred in September, October, and December of last year. The article did not mention how many complaints were filed, nor did it mention if those making the accusations experienced any sort of physical harm or emotional trauma.

The Citizen Review Board was created by Atlanta’s City Council back in 2007 in order to provide the means for investigations of public safety officer misconduct. A drug raid gone awry prompted the creation of the board after a 92-year-old woman was fatally shot by police in 2007. Even with the installment of this board, fewer police officials than expected are willing to take part in some of the board’s investigations. The reason for this is that some officers are concerned that their involvement would negatively affect their own internal investigations if certain information were to be revealed.

Being accused of a crime in Atlanta, Georgia can be an intimidating experience, whether you are a public safety officer, a teacher, a banker, or hold any other kind of professional title. Criminal convictions present hefty fines, lengthy jail sentences, and greatly jeopardize future job opportunities. If you or someone close to you has been charged with an assault or battery offense in Georgia, you need a skilled Atlanta criminal defense attorney on your side.


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