Atlanta Memorial Day Weekend DUI Checkpoints

While everyone finds different ways to enjoy a three-day weekend, law enforcement is on high alert for drunk drivers to help keep local residents, visitors and travelers safe during holidays like Memorial Day.

Even if you think you are not drunk, and especially if you have had a few drinks – do not drive! Instead, find a safe, alternative way home. Never hesitate to call a friend or a taxi if you have been drinking and are unable to drive home. The best way to avoid an arrest for driving under the influence in Atlanta is to have a designated driver with you if you or your friends plan on drinking.

While an Atlanta DUI checkpoint typically shuts down a designated area or road and stops vehicles at random or based on another approach, law enforcement will usually otherwise be on the look-out for certain driving behavior before pulling someone over.

First of all, you may be pulled over if your driving seems irregular, if you are swerving, overcorrecting, drifting, driving at an unusually slow speed, braking more often than is necessary, making wide turns, displaying a slow response to traffic signals, driving without your headlights on, making a sudden turn without signaling, and more. It is important to remember that if you did not perform any of these erratic driving patterns and did not violate the law, an officer is not supposed to stop you, even if he or she believes that you may be driving under the influence.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Georgia, you may want to contact an aggressive and skilled Georgia DUI defense lawyer. Georgia criminal defense lawyers have been defending the rights of those accused of a wide range of alcohol-related offenses for several years.


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