Associate Professor at Georgia Tech Charged With 15 Counts of Sexual Exploitation

According to a report, illicit computer activity impelled Georgia Tech to contact law enforcement regarding an associate professor who became the target of a week-long investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The professor was arrested the night of August 12, 2009, and charged with a hefty accumulation of 15 counts of sexual exploitation of children.

A university spokesman released the following statement: “The alleged behavior, if true, is deplorable and falls far short of our expectations for how we believe faculty should behave.”

The professor had been previously suspended without pay for his suspicious and unlawful computer activity at Georgia Tech. It has not been determined whether he will be permitted to teach in the school of industrial and systems engineering following his trial. The article stated that the university will continue to comply with investigators and act appropriately based on the end result of the professor’s case.

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