Whitfield County Rape Charges Against Tennessee Man

An article on March 13, 2009, that Whitfield County officials in Dalton Georgia will be charging Joshua Bedwell, 26 from Cleveland Tennessee with rape and child molestation of a 15-year-old relative. According to Rick Swiney, Sheriff’s Captain the charges include statutory rape and several counts of Georgia aggravated child molestation. Bedwell was taken to Whitfield County jail.

There are many types of sexual assault or sexual abuse, including the following that carry severe punishments: Rape, Sexual Battery, Solicitation, Lewd Conduct, Pandering, Indecent Exposure, Public Indecency, Child Molestation, Enticing a Child for Indecent Purposes, Sexual Exploitation of Children, Electronically Furnishing Obscene Material To Minors, and Aggravated Sodomy.

If you have been charged with a sex crime charge in Georgia, you are facing serious consequences which may carry life-long penalties. These circumstances could ruin your reputation within your community and your chances to pursue certain personal and professional endeavors. If you are convicted of committing a sexual offense, you are facing a long prison term and monetary fines, and you may have to register as a sex offender with State and local law enforcement agencies for the rest of your life.

If convicted, you may have to register with the Georgia Violent Sexual Offender Registry, an organization that stores information regarding sex offenders who were released from prison or placed on probation after July 1, 1996. Certain convicted sex offenders in Georgia will be forced to register as sex offenders with the Sheriff, by the Official Code of Georgia Annotated statute 42-1-12. Failure to register is a felony under Georgia law.

If you have been charged with a sex crime in the state of Georgia do not hesitate to contact skilled and experienced Georgia criminal defense attorneys. They know the law and the court system and have a proven success record.


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