Curb Crash Leads to Actress’ DUI Arrest


Lindsay Lohan recently added to the seemingly never-ending list of celebrities arrested for driving under the influence. She was arrested early Saturday morning on DUI charges after crashing her Mercedes convertible on a Sunset Boulevard curb, according to an article.

While Lohan was injured in the accident and admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment, the two passengers in her car escaped unhurt. No other cars were involved in the crash, according to this report.

Unfortunately, this accident is bad news for Lohan because it’s her third in two years. But it’s allegedly the only one where she is at fault. The article also quotes Lt. Mitch McCann speaking later at a news conference, about the accident, indicating Lohan, 20, was possibly driving above the speed limit and that a drug, identified to most likely be cocaine, was found at the scene of investigation. McCann did not disclose Lohan’s blood-alcohol level and said she was citied for misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and then released upon her admission to the hospital.

Lohan’s arraignment date has been tentatively set for Aug. 24 and she is likely to face additional charges when the case moves to the District Attorney’s Office.

It is true that often the fame and status of being a celebrity is also accompanied by society’s expectations of them to set an example and be role models for their public. In this instance, Lohan’s behavior apparently falls well short of these expectations. However, in many celebrity DUI arrests there are usually a number of factors that help their case, ranging from mitigating circumstances to determination of faulty techniques applied by the arresting officer.